angry monk productions is a swiss-based film company dedicated to cross-cultural exchange and encounters. it produces documentaries on cultural, political and social issues.

armed with an understanding of cinema, anthropology and the asian continent, angry monk productions provides a platform for artistic creation. its first documentary, MADE IN HONG KONG, and its present project, ANGRY MONK, reveal a comprehensive view of peoples and regions invariably mystified for self-seeking or commercial purposes. angry monk seeks an unclutterd vision, enlivened by discernment, sincerity and humour. (click here for the latest film stills).

for over fifteen years, luc schaedler from angry monk productions has also served as a consultant for film festivals around the world and for cinemas in switzerland. from its early days he has been involved in cinema xenix, an independent filmclub in zurich, switzerland.




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2002 angry monk productions
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