luc schaedler
university of zurich

since 1986 luc schaedler has been involved in cinema xenix — an independent filmclub in zurich, switzerland. he has programmed numerous film cycles , three of which were also presented in Asia.

in 1997 he made his first documentary, MADE IN HONG KONG, which was invited to several film festivals (vancouver, pusan, leipzig, duisburg & fribourg). his first documentary was a collaboration with the university of zurich and later accepted as his masters degree in visual anthropology.

the making of ANGRY MONK goes back to a trip luc schaedler made to asia in 1988, which was initially meant to be four months but lasted over three years. he spent most of this time in india and tibet, travelling across much of the same territory that gendun choephel had 50 years earlier. (click here for the latest film stills).

in 2000-01, after finishing his studies in visual anthropology and film theory, he was a lecturer at the university of zurich in the department of visual anthropology, where he held a seminar for undergraduate students: THE MYTH OF TIBET AND FILM. In two articles he also contributed to cinematic topics in relation to tibet and buddhism.



2005 | producer, director
ANGRY MONK (doc, 97 mins), completed july 2005.

1998 | editor
PIECES, MYTHS AND PICTOGRAPHS, dir. m. garlinski (doc, 30 mins)

1997 | director, producer, camera, editor
MADE IN HONG KONG (doc, 75 mins) study award of the swiss federal department of culture (fdc)

1996 | camera
THE OFFICIAL STREETPARADE-VIDEO dir. kerim jamal-aldin (documentary, 45 mins)

1996 | camera, director
CANTONE LUIS with reto tischhauser (short fiction, 12 mins)

1995 | research
WALK THE WALK dir. robert kramer (fiction, 115 mins)

university of zurich


the documentary MADE IN HONG KONG was the first visual m.a. to be accepted by the university of zurich (dept. of visual anthropology, prof. m. oppitz). the première of MADE IN HONG KONG was held on the 30th of june 1997 in cinema xenix (zurich) at the day of hong kong's handover back to china. MADE IN HONG KONG was screened in several swiss cinemas and also invited to four international film festivals: vancouver, pusan, leipzig and duisburg. click here to see the clip.


ethnographic museum, university of zurich

block-seminar on ethnographic filmmaking: a collection of documentary films by graduate students of the university of zurich (visual anthropology & peoples studies) was presented by the filmmakers and discussed with younger students.

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luc schaedler's most recent publication is a chapter on "buddhism and film" (buddhismus im spielfilm) in the book WELTRELIGIONEN IM FILM by joachim valentin (hrsg.).


this article was printed in ZOOM, zeitschrift für film, october 1994 (filmische faszination buddhismus), and in TIBET FORUM, heft 1, 1995.




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luc schaedler


made in hong kong, 1997


regard bleu, 2001

2002 angry monk productions
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