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a look at xenix filmdistribution current offers clearly shows that mass-produced fare is not their business. they prefer films that are convincing in their commitment and creativity at the same time entertaining and encouraging people to think. xenix filmdistribution enterprise distributes 8 to 12 movies a year. this way they can ensure a careful promotion in the german, french and italian speaking parts of switzerland.

international films

xenix filmdistribution are concerned about a careful selection of films. contents and aesthetics are equally taken into consideration as well as the balance of the range. therefore, a socially engaged, demanding piece of work such as ROSETTA (palme d'or 1999) by the dardenne brothers is equally found as the quiet and moving first film SOLAS from spain. also the cult science fiction thriller CUBE or the thoroughly styled AMERICAN PSYCHO have their place. small but fine films such as the argentinean MUNDO GRUA (awarded at various international film festivals) belong into xenix filmdistribution's range, just as much as the icelandic comedy 101 REYKJAVIK with victoria abril.

swiss films

xenix filmdistribution also care about swiss films. stina werenfels' short fiction film PASTRY, PAIN & POLITICS, luc schaedler's MADE IN HONG KONG or the most recent film by gabriel baur VENUS BOYZ (awarded best documentary at the locarno film festival 2001) are some examples.

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