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film and tibet - 2 premières

as a part of the exhibition "dreamworld tibet - western and chinese perceptions" by the museum of anthropology in zurich, cinema xenix presented two new films on tibet as premières: NAMGYAL – THE STORY OF A BUDDHIST MONK and WINDHORSE – LUNG-TA.

in cooperation with rosa maino

1999 films on tibet

in cooperation with the group "society for chinese film" in berlin, cinema Xenix managed to include chinese films on tibet for the first time. to counter the exclusively chinese perspective we combined the programme with a presentation of the complete work of the tibetan-indian couple tenzing sonam and ritu sarin.

in cooperation with ernst zimmermann

1999 jackie chan

an homage to the comedian kung-fu star from hong kong containing six of his best films. among them the great, but long forgotten classic DRUNKEN MASTER.

"i hope that after my death people will say: first there was bruce lee — and then jackie chan." JACKIE CHAN

1998 new films from hong kong

after the changed political situation since the handover in 1997 and a considerable exodus of hong kong filmmakers to hollywood (john woo, tsui hark), cinema xenix presented an exciting programme with two recent films from hong kong.

as part of the programme: the reedition of luc schaedler's MADE IN HONG KONG (première in cinema xenix, 1997).

in cooperation with beat kaeslin

1998 tibet between myth & reality

as a comment to recent hollywood productions on tibet — SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET, KUNDUN — cinema xenix put together a collection of documentaries that challenged the mystic view of the hollywood dream factory.

in cooperation with beat kaeslin.

1998 papua new guinea-trilogy

one of the great classic of ethnographic filmmaking: FIRST CONTACT. the trilogy follows the first contact of australian settlers with natives of papua new guinea in the 1930's right up to the late 1980's — documenting the cultural change that happened as a consequence of australian colonialism.

in cooperation with esther quetting

1998 wong kar-wai's melancholic heroes

since CHUNGKING EXPRESS stunned the international festivals, won kar-wai has long become a favourite in the west. in this programme cinema xenix was also including his earlier films for the first time ever in switzerland.

in cooperation with Rosa Maino

1997 made in hong kong

the hype around the handover of the former british colony back to china in 1997 prompted cinema xenix to put together a collection of the hong kong films of the last 20 years. with the documentary MADE IN HONG KONG as world première.

HONGKONGS ELEKTRISCHER SCHATTEN an article by roger fischer (in german).

in cooperation with beat kaeslin

1996 taiwanese cinema of the 90's

a comprehensive overview of the second generation of the taiwanese nouvelle vague. since the economical boom in taiwan of the 80's and the growing attention in the west, only the director hou hsiao hsien attracted the western audience. but in the 90's a new generation of taiwanese filmmakers — of which the most interesting were shown in xenix — caught the attention of international festivals.

in cooperation with andreas ballemi & beat kaeslin.

1995 bruce lee

bruce lee only acted in three films, but still became a legend within his lifetime. his early death only added to the myth surrounding him. in his days he set new standards for the increasingly popular genre of kung fu films.

1994 buddhism

a selection of 18 feature films from asian countries on buddhist themes spanning from the 1920's to the 1990's. not the western perceptions of buddhism, but the view of asian filmmakers on their own culture, was in the centre of this collection of films.

1992 tibet II

together with the first tibet film festival in 1991 (TIBET I: THE MYTH OF TIBET) the tibet II film festival was the largest collections of films on tibet ever presented. from the early 1920's to the 1990's: including archival films, ethnographic studies, feature films, documentaries, animation, experimental films, TV-productions & commercials.

1991 tibet I: the myth of tibet

see TIBET II above.




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