specific film footage of
colonial india (1930-51)

angry monk productions is still looking for archival film footage of colonial india, portraying the daily lives of indians rather than showing colonial ceremonies and dignitaries. the footage should be of ethnographic value.

the following is a list of locations and subject matter for which footage is being solicited:

  • kalimpong (wool trade, daily life, people)
  • darjeeling (steam train, daily life, people)
  • calcutta (street life, tramways, daily life, people)
  • benares or varanasi (the ghats, people bathing, daily life)
  • footage of the river ganges
  • sarnath, where buddha gave his first teachings (pilgrims, temples)
  • bodhgaya (pilgrims, the temples, daily life)
  • old steam trains in india (travelling through the countryside, beside rivers, through a city)
  • train stations in india (trains arriving, people waiting)
  • a fishing village on india's coast (fishing boats, people fishing, daily life)




colonial india

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